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Started in 2000, Shimatai IT has always been a client-focused enterprise. Innitially working exclusively on development projects for the largest telecom operators in the country, we soon expanded our expert consulting to other industries like banking/finance, military and public sector.

Propelled by our strong business connections and satisfied clients, we grew to include expert consulting in Cloud Migration, Enterprise Integration, Business Iteligence, Machine Learning and AI.

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Our Main Features

Digital Transformation

From paper to live, always-on data, we'll be by your side each step of the way, providing the best guidence on best-practices, pitfall-avoidance and cost savings.

Risk Analysis

Every new initiative is riddled with risks; let us help you identify and mitigate them, guaranteeing a successful future and stellar performance.

Marketing Strategy

Sales is arguably the most important department in any successful company, and we're here to make sure you're achieving your best potential with customized strategies for your market and clientbase.

Cloud Solutions

From enabling 24/7 shopping experiences to infrastructure cost-reduction, we'll provide you with the latest and greatest technologies and practices in the market to guarantee your place in the cutting-edge world of cloud computing.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

285 Projects Completed
57 Satisfied Customers
23 Awards Received
19 Years of Experience

Our Best Services

Business Analysis

Cloud Consulting

Business Intelligence

Enterprise Architecture

Audit & Evaluation

Marketing Strategy

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